Hire a Capable Handyman

Hire a Capable Handyman

Let Thomas Bartlett Construction lend a helping hand

If you need a handyman in Dunstable, MA or surrounding areas, Thomas Bartlett Construction is here for you.

You can count on us for:

  • Carpentry repairs
  • Closet services
  • Duct repairs
  • Joist or flashing repairs
  • General home repairs

Call 603-303-0015 now to speak with us about any of these services. We offer free consultations with an expert handyman.

How do you choose a handyman?

It can be hard to choose someone to trust with your property. Thomas Bartlett Construction offers a few tips on selecting a handyman. Look for a handyman with:

  • Experience: How long have they provided handyman services? Are they new to the business or an old hand? We have more than 20 years of experience.
  • Versatility: You might find a very experienced handyman, but what if they aren't prepared for your specific project? Choose someone who can offer diverse services. Thomas Bartlett Construction does just that.
  • Qualifications: Make sure to hire a handyman with the right license and insurance. We're appropriately licensed and insured.

To learn more about our experience, varied services or qualifications, contact us now. We'll be happy to discuss these things with you.